Blogging is funny sometimes. While I enjoy typing away about my latest love (usually food) I sometimes feel like blogging can be overwhelming at best. I'm an obsessive Type-A person so the moment I press "publish" on my blog, I become a typo-searching monster who is over analyzing the littlest things. It's like I become possess and start thinking about everything in terms of "what's good for the blog" and I get lost in what's going on really in my life. I started this blog about a year or so ago to help "cope" with my lack luster life in Kuwait. It helped at first to get me out of my funk there, but overtime I started to enjoy my reality in the Middle East more, so I no longer needed it.

Now here I am... over a year later and ready to start blogging again, but this time with a new perspective. My life (like always) is constantly changing. The biggest change in my life right now is the fact that after 5 1/2 years of being overseas, my family has finally returned home to the U.S. All I can say about that is "home sweet home" never meant more to me. Returning back has made me appreciate all the wonderful amenities that can only be found here.

Another big change with me is... I'm expecting a new baby!! Yup, another cute baby boy to be born in November. I'm two months away and I'm in full on nesting mode. Nesting mode for me somehow makes me want to blog again. I can't wait to write about all the fun crafting projects I've been doing and all the fun baby gear I've been coming across, so be ready! 

So dear readers (do I have any readers? lol)... be prepared because I'm back and ready to start posting and ranting and raving about all the wonderful things in my life. 

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