So I'm not sure why, but I was hoping today I would wake up a changed person. I envisioned I would wake up not stressed out, not sick and not exhausted. Wait... actually before I really get going let me stop right there. I'm changing my perspective. NO COMPLAINING, right?! Let's move on to day one of being positive.

Todays bright and shining moment was getting to enjoy cupcakes with my babies after a nice dinner out. I'll have to admit, I'm from California and I've had Sprinkles Cupcakes before, but I was never a fan before I moved to Kuwait. I always thought the ones from California were hard and not very fresh tasting. However, the cupcakes here are little pillows of wonderful sweet goodness. Whenever we're near one, I happily skip along with the kids to the store front to drool over their delicious selection.

The babies got 2 mini milk chocolate cupcakes a piece. The hubby and I split of box of two pumpkin cupcakes, one triple cinnamon, and one oh so wonderful red velvet cupcake. If that sounds like a lot of cupcakes, well it is. Haha We always want to get one to enjoy then and one to enjoy later. Who cares about calories. I'm on a new journey to personal euphoria and today is worth celebrating. So here's to day one of 365 days of happiness.

I always beg my daughter to look and smile at the camera, but when I took a step back today I realized her silly faces might be better than a boring traditional smile. 

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