::sigh:: Saturday night. Oh Saturday night. Saturdays are our "Sundays" in Kuwait. Tomorrow marks the beginning of another busy school/work week. My family and I spent most of the weekend avoiding the sweltering heat outside by just hanging out at home. Since we didn't do much this weekend, I thought it would be fun to write a short post about the Hello Kitty Cafe we visited a couple of months ago.

This place is located in the Movenpick Plaza in Kuwait or what we like to call "fancy car plaza." Seriously, the cars that people drive here are... so... expensive! Your jaw can't help dropping a little bit when you pull into a plaza filled with cars that easily cost 15-20 times more than what you paid for your beat-up junker car. 

The Hello Kitty Cafe isn't hard to miss--the building literally has a giant outline of a pink Hello Kitty on the outside of the restaurant. 

Inside the cafe, every inch of the place is covered in Hello Kitty decor; everything from the napkins to the booths have the iconic cat outline on it. This place is a fully functioning restaurant, however, we only went for some coffee and dessert. 

The cakes in the dessert display case were so enticing that I couldn't help ordering 3 different flavors. We ended up getting one chocolate, one strawberry, and one vanilla cake. 

Sadly, our cakes cuteness was the only thing good about them...they tasted awful. They had this weird chemical taste to them and they didn't taste fresh at all. My kids didn't even like them that much. The only one that they seemed to semi-enjoy was the chocolate cake and I think it only because the chocolate somewhat masked the odd chemical flavor. 

The coffees that my husband and I got were delicious though. I loved the fact that even our coffees kept up with the Hello Kitty theme. Talk about cuteness overload with that Hello Kitty stenciling!! In fact, I was so excited about my charming coffee that I actually spilled my whole first cup all over myself. Come on?! You can't tell me you wouldn't squeal with joy over this darling design. 

That's what happened to me at least... I squealed... coffee spilled... my squeal quickly turned into a scream... long story short, I left with coffee all over my pants and I had to order another cup just so I could confirm that it tasted even better than it looked.  

Overall, this is an adorable cafe. Despite the fact that they sell terrible cakes (in my opinion, a baking sin), I would go back again. Just maybe for breakfast or dinner instead. No cake.

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