We've lived in Kuwait for almost 6 months now and sadly, I think I can list the things we've done here on one hand (as long as we're not counting shopping malls and restaurants).  Most weekends we just spend it hanging out around the house or playing outside. However, since I'm trying to be more opened minded I decided today we should go to the Kuwait Scientific Center. My daughter had already been with school, but she was so excited about the place I thought it would be a fun family day out.

The first thing I noticed when we pulled into the parking lot was how close we were to the water. Being a California girl, anywhere that's near the water is probably going to get my vote already as a fun place to go to.

Once we were inside the main building, my husband and I decided that we wanted to see the Aquarium and take the kids to the Discovery Place. Okay so I'm going to be honest, we've gone to a LOT of different Aquariums throughout the world. My favorite by far is the one in Osaka, Japan. Mostly because I'll never forget how adorable their penguin parade was. I was a little worried I was going to be bored out of my mind when we decided to go see another aquarium today, but it turned out to be a lot of fun. The kids enjoyed all the different types of fish, sharks, and animals that were on display. My favorite display was the cuttlefish because it was so neat to watch it change colors as it was swimming through the water.

The Discovery Place wasn't huge, but the kids loved it none-the-less. They had tons of hands on activity centers for them to play with and a huge sand pit just in case the kids wanted to get dirty. It took us a couple of hours to go through the whole Scientific Center and we even spent a little bit of time wandering around outside. It was a fun day and it was something new for us to do. :)

As for my happy moment today: mine was definitely ordering Indian take-out food once we got home. haha I love that Kuwait has such a great take-out delivery system. Anything and everything can be delivered (can't complain about that).

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