Before I had kids I had all these "ideas" of what being a parent would be like. I envisioned weekend picnics at the park, giggle sessions in a play tent, dress-up fashion shows in the living room, and quiet evenings reading books together while snuggled under a warm blanket on the couch. While all these moment really do happen in my life, they are far more rare than I ever dreamed. I never imagined I would spend most of my time wiping butts, breaking up fights, and cleaning up the same mess over and over again. Most of my days are too chaotic to even get the simplest task done. I'm extremely proud on those unusual days where I get all the laundry cleaned, the dished washed, and ALL of the toys picked up. Don't get me wrong, my kids are the most important things in the world to me and spending time with them definitely trumps chores (hence why they don't get done), but man oh man, on days like today I can't help dreaming about the good ol' days when I wasn't chased down every time I attempted to go to the bathroom.

Just for fun though I decided to make a quick list of my ten most favorite "playful" signs that your kids have taken over your life. This list is really meant for a quick chuckle and to give all you "kid-less" folks a glimpse into your future. Feel free to comment and tell me some of your favorite signs that your kids have taken over at your house.

Ten Playful Signs That Your Kids Have Taken Over Your Life
1.  When the most played song on your iTunes is a Disney Princess sing-a-long song.
Like this isn't a joke. We've really listened to it that many times. 
2. When you catch yourself watching the end of "Dora", even though the kids have already left the room. 
3. When you realize in the last 3 years the only movies you've seen in theaters were the Lorax and Monster University. 
4. When you go on vacation your suitcase situation has gone from one small suitcase to having so many bags that you looks like you're a roadie for a rock band. 
5. When you give in and let your daughter name the new cat "Rusapea" because that's what the mice from Cinderella call that mean cat who chases them all the time.
6. When you and your husband have taken to hiding in the kitchen to eat dessert so that no little kids snake it before you even get a bite. 
7. When your iPad no longer has apps on it that you enjoy, but rather it's filled with coloring games and Nickelodeon shows. 
8. When all of your Netflix's suggestions are based off of how often you watch "My Little Pony" and "Chuck the Truck." 
9. When you and your husband compete at whose better at drawing. (I am, btw! Okay... we both stink, but I'm the less stinky ones. haha)

10. When the best moments of your day are filled with kid kisses, chalk drawings, Barbie dream houses, and late morning snuggles in the bed squished between two kids and two annoying cats.


  1. I totally understand!!! Although in this house it's usually the middle of Sesame Street :) It definitely is harder than I thought it would be... but I wouldn't want it any other way!!!

    1. I completely agree with you. I definitely wouldn't have it any other way either. :)


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